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Objective of School

We are abided to your rules n regulations, and the things you have told us that are very important as concerned to the students, teachers and parents as well as society along with the building of nation. For your kind information, our school is not only benefiting for the welfare of the students, but it goes more than that, we have many curricular and co-curricular activities, like rallies, stage shows, festivals celebrations, initiation of all the govt. programmes, etc. Our school is well known as the temple of learning in the locality because we not only believe in the academics but also consider and concern the work together where we wanted to achieve the goal of preparing our pupils in the consideration of the nation building which can work and dedicate themselves for the bright future of the society as a whole.We strongly believe in the collective efforts rather than the individual and probably that is the only power in our institution that we have our own name and fame in the area.


  • Our principal along with the teachers has decided to improve the literacy rate in the society.
  • For the cause she has started many more things with the help of parents.
  • We do have teachers-parents association.
  • We performed many programmes for the ladies parents.
  • Since we believe that lady is the pioneer of the society.
  • We trust in peer pressure group.
  • We have many federations in the school and society.
  • Though we serve at the taluka level but we have achieved milestones not only in the district or state but also at the national level as we have national gold medalists in the school.
  • We promise you that before 2022, we will improve the LSRW in the society.
  • We have more than 43 classrooms along with the smart class rooms.
  • We have all types of the labs.
  • We stopped chalk and walk method.
  • We believe in 40% teacher and 60% students talk.
  • We are the people of the who keep faith at the ancient preaching like SHANTINIKETAN taught by R. Tagore.
  • We are doing our level best to senitize the members of the society to create the awareness among students.
  • We are very firm that we need to move away from the old teaching method, and therefore we strongly go with electronic and print media.
  • That is the thing that we have more than 2000 strength in our school which is the topmost strength at the taluka level.>
  • The result is that we conduct all type of seminors in the school, PTM, stage shows, rallies, health check up, etc.
  • We believe in the nation building rather than teaching, because we never teach them, but we preach them and we wanted them to be the great humans rather than scholars.
  • Every year we celebrate all type of the religious, environmental, functional, national, and occasional and all type of events hence we have more than 2500 plants and trees in our school premises which is covered more than 6 acre land.


My school:

Aff. No. - 1130096
School Code – 30079
Address : Somayya Campus, Wadgao ward, Chandrapur 442401
One of the most renowned cbse school in Chandrapur and adjacent area/region.
Having huge campus with greenery and conducive atmosphere.
Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.
Provision of modern amenities of education.
Bus facility is available for all areas in and around Chandrapur.
Fostering love, unity, respect and sensitivity to one another respective of caste, culture, religion and sex.
Having active, creative and joyful learning based on cbse pattern.

My school activities:

All the activities related to health and wellness club.
Most the things related to the disaster management including the teaching how to overcross the difficulties, how to save oneself and the others.
Eco friendly atmosphere in the school premises as well as society including the eco-friendly Diwali, holi and most of the other festivals, Participation of beti bachao rally, aids awareness, cancer awareness, contributions for the poors.
Helping with no discrimination.
School level and the city level workshops for the benefit regarding law and order.
English and social debates on the burning issues of the nation.

My teacher strength:

Principal –Mrs. Shobhana .
Ph. D. in English,
Social worker,
Took many seminars at vicinity,
Attained many national and international workshops,
Presidents of many social activities,
Selfless is the best quality,
Sacrifices for the noble causes and events,
One of the best phenomenon in the society that people believe,
Ideals to most of the men and women including the teachers and the students,
Stirring and effective communication skill,
Inspiration and motivator to the society,
Thesis and theories are well known in the society,
Curious to help,
One of the powerful lady in the vicinity,
Well known as the lady of fire and inspiration,
Example to most of the people etc.
TGT – English Teacher: Nitesh G. Kurekar sir.
Attained three international workshops held by Aga Khan Education Society twice in Hyderabad and once in Mumbai.
Took many seminars at the zonal level.
Working for humanity like free spoken English programmes for the govt. employees, students and parents.
Initiates in many social and religious activities.
Activist in many govt. policies
Decided to work for the humanity since believes in humanity is the best service to God.
TGT – Science Teacher – Mr. Ravi Dange Sir, Miss. Geeta Mahakulkar Madam, Mr. Sanjay Singh Sir.
One the best persons in the school regarding exam deppt.
Works for the humanity and takes many seminar for the welfare of the students by giving his personal time.
Initiates beti bachao rally in the city.
Took part for the elders in the health check by arranging medical camp in the city.
Was the phenomenon to contribute more than 1 lakhs for the global cancer.
Was the first person to initiate clean India campaign.
Great participation in the aids awareness programme in the city.
Leader of the tree plantation in the school as well as in the society.
Organizer for the Grand-Parents Day including their food and queries.
Mr. Ravi Dange sir:
Working as the cbse school co-ordinator
Attained many workshops and seminars
Great participation at beti bachao rally in the city.
Inspirator for the students
Good person to take part in clean India campaign.
Always takes part in the school and city science exhibition.
Miss. Geeta Mahakulkar
Great worshipper of the humanity.
Always helps to the poor.
Strongly believes in the hard work.
Stimulates to the students and the parents along with the colleagues.
Leading in the school discipline.
Very very emotional for the academics and social activities.
Attained many workshops and seminars
Most of the time initiates social activities.
Stirs to the society by her anchoring.
Remarkable participation at the Constitutional day.
Motivational speech on the occasion of national and social functions in the city.
TGT – Social Science : Mrs. Premlata Raut .
Great inspirator among the students, parents, teachers and society.
Believes in deeds rather than capacities.
Example to most of the people.
People love to listen his social.
Attained many workshops and seminars
Got the Best teacher in the MSPM group at chandrapur district.
Believes in quality than the quantity.
He is the social activist man, hence his relation is very wide in the society including all type of festivals, all communities, taluka committees, police stations, courts and some NGO’s.
Sport Teacher – Mr. Sudhir Ladke sir.
One of the best sport teachers in the institution.
Takes a lot of efforts for the practice of the students and parents.
Provides free coaching for them after the school time.
He is well known not only in the district but also in the state.
Maintained the role of judge many time at Maharashtra level.
Brought many time National gold medal along with many district and state level trophies.
Cricket and volleyball are his best games.
Brought laurels for the school as well as for the society.
Music Teacher – Mr. Amol sir
Known as the Nusarat Fateh Ali Khan of the school.
Believes in vocal practices.
Opened private institution – Laytarang Music Classes : for the welfare of the students and the society.
He himself is the great Gazal writer and the poet.
Composed many gazals and poems and published too.
People are attracted because of his style of writing and singing.
Conducted many stage shows in and out of the city.
Got many prizes in singing.
Future Goals for the School:
Macaroon Students’ Academy, the temple of learning is built for the children of new vision those who are under the great competition this is their way of life.

Our goal is:-

To strengthen the character of the body and mind of each child.
To develop their latent talent through co-curricular activities.
To make pupils aware about environment and enlighten them about the increasing dangerous of the pollution.
To provide amenities of education such as smart class system, information technology etc.
To nurture their academic skill under the able guidance of experienced and qualified teachers.
To enable the children to think, reason and take independent decisions.
To apply knowledge gained in school in real life situation.
To facilitate opportunities to explore, develop and discipline the communication, culture and aesthetic skill and apptitude To make them respectful and co-operative in the dealings with others.
To inculcate the dignity of social, political and economical awareness.