A Review of Las Vegas Casino Poker Chips

A Review of Las Vegas Casino Poker Chips

It is well known to every gambler that the chips from the casinos of Las Vegas are the best. The speciality about these chips is that they are totally unique. No two companies manufacture the same types of chip with the same design and weight. Talking about the weight of the chips there is a general misconception that the official weight limit for a chip is 12 gram which is absolutely false.

The weight of chip is dependent on the design and the ink used on it. It is also dependent on the material used to manufacture these chips. The companies that manufacture these chips are generally from the US and are legally bonded and the blends in the chip are well protected to avoid any forgery.

Las Vegas has their customized chips with different formula to manufacture with a secure set up. Polymer synthetic acrylic is used to manufacture the chips of Las Vegas. The chips manufactured have a mole in them which indicates that it is meant only for Las Vegas.

Chipco, Paul-Son, and Bud Jones are the three main manufactures of chips in Las Vegas. Each of the above company follows a different procedure to manufacture the chips. Paul-Son uses compression molding (traditional method) which comprises of compressing the colors to fuse under extreme pressures. But there is a drawback in this method as the edges show uneven stripes ( if you have gambled in a Las Vegas casino you would have seen people scratching out the stripes at the edge to make it look even).

Chipco is a new comer in this field of manufacturing and they use the ceramic which is allowed to be injected in a mold. These chips are easily distinguishable from others as they have a high quality of graphics and design on their chips. Among the three manufacturers this is the only one that prints numbers and letters on the rim of the chip.

Commemorative chips are being provided by some casinos in recent times. MGM gave off a chip for the fight of George foreman, Kentucky Derby was issued by Tropicana and Caesars palace gave off a chip on the celebration of George Burns 100th birthday. These chips actually have the same exact value as any other chips but people usually preserve them as collectibles. So even if you come across one of them, grab it fast and pocket it.

From the time poker became famous in Las Vegas people have started to buy these chips for playing at home. You can buy these chips directly from a casino and use them at your home for personal use. And if later you get fed up with those chips or you have stopped playing at home, you can always cash them back at the casino from where you have bought. Do not worry if the casino has changed hands as this will further make the chips more valuable.

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